The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation is pleased to invite you to attend Diversity & Leadership: An Evening of Personal and Political Storytelling with Sauvé Fellows on Wednesday, April 27, from 5:15-7:45 pm, at Sauvé House.

This year, the Foundation’s series of Forum events is exploring the many angles of Public Leadership For Culturally Diverse Societies. It aims to enrich public conversation and raise awareness about complex global problems while promoting the skills, values and public leadership needed to address them.

Since the launch of the 2015-17 Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program, our in-residence Sauvé Fellows have been honing the art of “public narrative”: telling personal stories with public agendas.

The evening’s stories will be as diverse and inspiring as the Fellows themselves. Hailing from 10 countries, the 12 Fellows will share their lived experiences to address themes of equality, inclusion, exclusion, peace, and power. In doing so, they will bridge the personal and the political, advancing new ideas and proposing new policies in the public interest.

Please join us for a lively and intimate evening with the 2015-17 Sauvé Fellows on April 27. Come and learn about why each Fellow is working so hard to make our world better.

Please note that registration for this event is mandatory, as seating is limited. To register for this free event, click here.

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