Congratulations to Sauvé Scholars Foundation Director (and previous interim ED of the Sauvé Scholars Program) Ion Valaskakis  who has just published his first book, The Magnificent Mistake: How you can earn more from failure than you learn from success available from Amazon as a kindle edition

Ion V Magnificent Mistake“They say the only certainties in life are death and taxes. I would add a third: mistakes. We all commit errors – often small ones, sometimes big ones, and all too frequently the same ones. “What if you learned it was actually crucially important to learn from our mistakes? What if you discovered that the most successful people and organizations in the world did just that, and it is often one of the secrets to their success? Finally, what if someone gave you a simple tool – a six-step checklist captured in the acronym M.A.S.T.E.R. – which you could use to quickly draw the right lessons from both little miscues and massive failures? “Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee or an executive, this book is for you. All winners in sports, business and life consistently and systematically learn from their mistakes. It’s also the fastest, simplest, most powerful and yet least practiced way to improve you or your organization’s performance. We know intuitively we should learn from our missteps. However, very few of us actually do, and that itself is a huge error. Discover what Michael Phelps, Warren Buffett, Amazon and Delta Force have in common in The Magnificent Mistake”.

Obviously, lessons for all. We look forward to adding an autographed copy to the Sauvé library.

Ion has also launched a new website where you can find out all about his current activities and learn more about The Magnificent Mistake

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