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Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

Jonathan SasAs a Director of the Foundation, Jonathan Sas represents the global community of 138 Jeanne Sauvé Fellows and helps to shape the Foundation’s alumni programming. In 2013, he succeeded  Liam McHugh-Russell, the first Program alumnus to sit on the Board of Directors. Jonathan serves as Director of Policy and Research at the Broadbent Institute.

Jonathan came to the Sauvé Program after serving as Editor-in-Chief of The Mark News, then one of Canada’s leading political commentary news sites. It is there that he became preoccupied with the narrowness of the political discourse typical of Canada’s traditional media landscape and interested in starting a project that could help to open up space for more progressive voices.

As a Sauvé Fellow (2012-13), he divided his time between two projects related to this interest. He wrote a media criticism column for The Tyee, an award-winning online independent journalism outlet based out of Vancouver. His writing focused on the changing economic dynamics for legacy media outlets as print revenues decline and digital ads fail to fill the vacuum. He set off on a journey to do investigative work into the world of sponsored/branded content and other new revenue tools being used by media outlets, focusing on the blurring line between editorial and commercial interests.

Jonathan’s second project was an initiative to develop a progressive policy think tank that could work to challenge Conservative spin in the public sphere. As part of this project, he researched how Canada’s right wing movement successfully built the robust infrastructure that now facilitates their command of the public imagination as well as their ample fundraising prowess. He documented the Conservative’s systematic dismantling of the progressive state and explored specific strategies for how Canada’s many disparate progressive groups might organize to push back and build a coordinated counter-movement. To that end, he focused on what it would take to create a collaborative digital media space that sought to amplify the reach of progressive political content and that actively engaged and connected journalists, academics, civil society and other progressive groups to one another and with the public.

Jonathan received his honours B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

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