Nancy Katharine Wright

Senior Advisor
Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

Former Director
Sauvé Scholars Foundation

Nancy WrightAs the wife of the Founding Director of the Sauvé Scholars Program, the late, beloved Jim Wright, Nancy was his enthusiastic partner in many aspects of the Program from the outset. She has been a friend and guiding spirit to the Sauvé Fellows over the years, offering quiet advice and enthusiastically joining in the fun. As a Director, she served as Chair of the Selection Committee and was also highly involved in guiding the development of the Foundation’s Alumni programming. Although she stepped down from the Board in December 2014, her dedication to the Sauvé Fellows will ensure that she remains an influential presence at Sauvé House. Nancy continues to support the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation as a Senior Advisor.

Nancy Wright’s long-standing commitment to the McGill University community is exemplified by her active participation in numerous volunteer boards and committees, predominantly in the healthcare sector at the McGill University Health Centre, and in the general community, where she has predominately worked with organizations concerned with youth and with education.

She is a member of the Board of the McGill University Health Centre Corporation. A past-president and member of the Friends of the Neuro (Montreal Neurological Hospital and Institute), Nancy was the Founder and is the Chair of the Advisory Committee of the acclaimed Neuro Patient Resource Centre, the first of its kind in Montreal. She is a member of the Research Ethics Committee of the MNI/MNH and past-chair of the Patients’ Committee, on which she has served for over 15 years. Until recently, Nancy was also Chair of the Community Services Committee of the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex Foundation and remains involved as Past-Chair.

Her abiding interest in young people has led to her involvement in the Board of Directors of Trafalgar School; the Quebec Regional Council and National Board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada; and the Board of the Dawson Centre, a community organization offering support services to children, teenagers and people with disabilities. Prior to studying Psychology at McGill University, Nancy attended l’ Université de Touraine du Collège de Poitiers where she studied history and literature.

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