Paula Wood-Adams

Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

Paula Wood-AdamsProfessor Paula Wood-Adams joined the Board of the Foundation in the fall of 2014 and prior to that was an active and enthusiastic member of the Sauvé Scholars Foundation Selection Committee.

Paula Wood-Adams was appointed Dean of Graduate Studies of Concordia University in September 2013, and is a Full Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Concordia. She brings a wealth of skills to the Board. While widely recognized for her academic achievements, she is also known as a strong leader, supervising over 25 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, and continuously expanding her ‘flock’. As an administrator, she has provided strategic and operational direction to various functions of graduate studies at Concordia, focusing her attention mainly on new curriculum, professional development and program support, and recruiting new, promising, graduate students.

She has been an active member of provincial and federal funding agency peer-review committees including, the National Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ). She has also contributed numerous articles to scientific journals on her research focus: viscoelasticity, polymer science and rheology, and has received over $2.5M in grants to support her research.

Professor Wood-Adams started her career at Concordia in 2001 as an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering and in that same year received the NSERC University Faculty Award, which was renewed in 2004. She has also received a Canada Foundation for Innovation New Opportunities infrastructure grant, which allowed her to set up the Laboratory for the Physics of Advanced Materials. In 2006, she became the graduate program director of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, was awarded a Concordia University Research Chair, and became Visiting Professor of Chemical Engineering at Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.

She obtained her BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta and her MEng and PhD in Chemical Engineering from McGill University.

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