This month’s Sauvé Spotlight is 2009-10 Sauvé Fellow Megan Carroll, who recently started working for the United Nations Secretariat.

In her new role, Megan is serving as the leader of the Partnerships Team for the Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support, working to develop relationships and collaboration with external partners, most recently including the World Bank on a joint UN-WB study on the prevention of violent conflict.

Prior to joining the UN Secretariat, Megan served as a White House Fellow in the DC office of the US Mission to the United Nations, in addition to a short stint at NASA, which was a real highlight of her fellowship year. She was fortunate to cover a wide portfolio, including West Africa (and the US government’s response to Ebola), efforts to counter Boko Haram, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Prior to her year in DC, Megan spent four very enriching and challenging years in South Sudan, where she worked with The Carter Center, USAID, and the United Nations Development Program.

She remains in touch with her “Sauvé siblings” and is truly grateful for the time she spent in Canada, at Sauvé House.


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