Ever creative, Sauvé Senior Fellow Anita Nowak, offered a new response to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – just what we have all come to expect from our favourite professor of  Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation.

No surprise! I’ve been ice-bucket challenged to raise awareness and funds for ALS – a great cause to be sure.
The last I heard, this viral fundraising campaign had reached $13 million dollars (fabulous!) So, in light of their runaway success, I’d like to support another cause on a more micro level – whereby every single dollar will count in a different way.
I’ve decided to accept the challenge with a twist and am inviting any and all former students (from ISESI & Fundamentals of Fundraising) to dunk me after teaching my first class of the fall 2014 term (next Wed).
This term, the special theme of ISESI (Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation) is social action and collective campaigns (the ice bucket campaign being a great example thereof), so I’m happy to bring this theme to life and help raise awareness and funds for Nellie’s, a women’s shelter in Toronto.
Any takers can meet me in the back of the Bronfman building at 9pm on Wednesday September 3. (And I’ll leave it up to my former students to get the word out.)

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