The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation derives much of its strength from its unique setting at the heart of the vibrant, overlapping, multidimensional cultural communities to which it belongs and contributes.

Its founding academic partner and home is McGill University, one of the top 25 universities in the world. The more than 38,500 students constitute the most internationally diverse student body in Canada and its alumni encircle and enrich the entire globe. Since 2012, a second partnership with Concordia University has brought a new dimension to the vibrant academic component of the Program.

One of the most enduringly enriching aspects of the Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program is the pairing of each participant with an Academic Mentor, who serves as guide and mentor throughout the year. Participants – and the Foundation – also derive important benefits from the Senior Fellows, who share their diverse expertise, networks and experience.

Academic mentors, Senior Fellows, Board members and Senior Advisors are welcomed to all events and activities within the Foundation’s Pillars and form a vital part of the Sauvé community.

Montreal, the lively international, multicultural metropolis, and second largest francophone city in the world, is home to close to 70 international organizations, four universities, thriving research and development activities, and leading-edge information and communications technology (ICT), life sciences and aerospace industries. Its highly creative, multilingual cultural and arts scene runs the gamut from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra to the world-renowned Cirque de Soleil, and is punctuated by countless festivals.

The largest of Canada’s provinces, (three times the size of France, five times the size of Japan, and twenty times the size of Belgium) Quebec is as rich in scenic beauty and natural resources, as it is in technology and innovation. The Province owes its special character to its origins as a colony of France, successively enriched by waves of immigration from around the world.

Canada is most often described as varied, vast (the second largest country in the world) and rich in natural resources – descriptions which are as accurate as they are incomplete. Canada’s small culturally diverse population of nearly 35.345 million belies the importance of its contributions to science, technology and the arts, and its leadership in international affairs.