The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation is delighted that Pearson College UWC has invited the Sauvé Fellows to share their experiences in and knowledge about public leadership and cultural diversity with their students.

From March 7th to 19th, our group of 15 Sauvé Fellows (both in residence and alumni) and staff will be based at Pearson College, located on the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island. During their stay, they will engage in discussions on refugee integration and deliver a suite of workshops addressing authentic leadership and the complexities of leading self, leading community and leading systems change. They will also be able to sit in on certain classes and are looking forward to engaging with Pearson College students.

Pairing Pearson College and the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation, effectively matching exceptional young people, is a symbolic and significant endeavor. Their respective founders – Lester B. Pearson and Jeanne Sauvé – were both great Canadian leaders who were passionate about building a more peaceful world through intercultural experiential learning for young people. The former Prime Minister of Canada and former Governor General of Canada were both dedicated to creating an inclusive space for young leaders to learn, connect, and bring about positive social change.

What a joy it is to bring together these two wonderful, diverse groups of young leaders and change makers, giving each the opportunity to learn from the other. I know that the time they spend with one another at Pearson College will nurture their common purpose to devote their education, skills and diversity to bringing people, nations and cultures together for a peaceful and sustainable future. – Désirée McGraw, President, Pearson College

This unique collaboration is made all the more meaningful thanks to the many interconnections between Pearson College-UWC alumni and Sauvé Fellows. Pearson College was home to Nathan Souza, Megan Bradley, Özlem Elgün Tillman and Joshua Van Wyck as well as Senior Fellow Brett House, while Anupreeta Das attended the United World College-USA.

Furthermore, this will be the second stay at Pearson College for in-residence Fellows Jonathan McPhedran Waitzer and Jaspreet Khangura, who both participated in the Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership in the summer of 2000.  Along with over 100 other teenagers from around the world, they spent three weeks on campus engaged in dusk-till-dawn immersive programming. Finally, Brijlal Chaudhari attended United World College schools in Hong Kong and Norway as a teenager. These experiences were formative for all three Fellows, and they’re very excited to return and re-engage with the United World Colleges community.

We all know that the ability to educate and inspire others is key to leadership. The Sauvé Fellows will have many great opportunities to work those muscles throughout their time at Pearson College.

While the profiles of the two groups of young people are similar (international, driven, bright, and service-oriented), the Sauvé Fellows have about a decade more life experience. The Fellows are planning to use this opportunity to talk to their “younger selves” about their journeys since high school, the challenges they’ve faced, the lessons they’ve learned, and how they’ve kept their idealism alive. And of course, we know we’ll all learn a lot from the students as well. – Simone Hanchet, Director of Programs, Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

The Foundation is thrilled that such an incredible educational opportunity has presented itself. Over the next two weeks, the Fellows will share their skills and knowledge about culturally intelligent leadership, the power of narrative, the importance of reconciliation, peer-to-peer advocacy work, and much more, all in the spirit of fostering authentic leadership.

We look forward to the learning, collaborations, and key takeaways from this experiential journey at Pearson College.

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