It is with great sadness and grief that we announce the passing of Dr. Brian Bexton, a dear friend of the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation, who worked inside Sauvé House until the pandemic forced offices to close down. He became a close friend of many who also shared and lived in this space and we will all sorely miss him, his smile, his wonderful sense of humor and his insight and intelligence.

Dr. Bexton was a remarkable man with a phenomenal career. At Sauvé House, he worked as a renowned psychiatrist. He served as the president of the association of psychiatrists of Quebec. He was extremely active in the Montreal community, in particular with organizing ReVivre, an organization devoted to funding and supporting mental health organizations in Quebec.

Outside of his career as a psychiatrist, he was known to be an incredible story-teller. He always had a wonderful story to tell a passing student. He always engaged with strangers and was a social butterfly, chatting with all those present at Sauvé House. He had an absolutely wonderful sense of humor, always making jokes, smiling and making other people laugh. He truly brought an uplifting positive energy to all those around him at Sauvé House.

He also was always ready to pull out a quote or share insight from a famous author or historical event. His knowledge seemed to have no limits. Much of his knowledge and insight that he shared were drawn from personal experiences as someone who had lived in many countries, including many countries in Africa. He was always on the move, curious about the world, and seeking new places to travel. He was a brilliant, generous, loving and culturally-curious man that will be dearly missed all.

We are so saddened by his passing and we wish that he rests in peace and that his charming soul and stories live on with all of those who he helped, who he loved, and who he engaged with. Office 202 will never be the same without him. Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.