The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation is very sad to announce the departure of Eliana Charlebois Gomez. Eliana worked as the Operations and Events Coordinator for almost two years. Her tireless devotion and commitment to the Foundation’s activities and programs was so appreciated and she will be missed by everybody at Sauvé House and in the wider Sauvé community.

With her international background, having grown up around the world, and speaking so many different languages, Eliana was able to wear many hats and get along with different students and Fellows from all backgrounds. She embraced diversity and always opened up her life to new friendships and experiences. Her smile and can-do attitude helped contribute to the positive energy we have at Sauvé House. She will be sincerely missed by our team and our wonderful new batch of students from around the world currently participating in the Jeanne Sauvé Residential Experience Program.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Eliana for her hard work and commitment to the Sauvé community. Eliana will stay a close friend of the Foundation, as she will be starting a new job just down the road at McGill University, with the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. We wish her the best of luck with this new endeavor.

Thank you and best wishes Eliana!