This week, the 2017-19 Sauvé Fellows kicked off their 12-week Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Encounters series with the topic of Indigenous Canadians. Three guests from the Montreal community came to share their stories: Konwatsistsawi Meloche, the director, facilitator, coach and trainer with V.I.S.T.A. Seminars (Vision: Improving Self-esteem Through Awareness); Nina Segalowitz, who expresses the reality of contemporary indigenous experience through poems, spoken word, and music; and Stephan Agluvak Puskas, a former producer for Montreal’s Inuit radio show Nipivut and one of the founders of the Inuit film festival Tilutarniit.

Much was learned in the two hours spent with Nina, Stephan, and Konwatsistsawi, and the Fellows would like to express their gratitude to all three guests for the time they took to share their wisdom, stories, and experiences. It was a fantastic kick-off to the Leadership Encounters series, which will continue with a new topic next week. Stay tuned!