The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation is pleased to invite you to attend unique public Forum events in the context of the 2015-17 Sauvé Fellows’ Building Inclusive Communities for Refugees: A Public Leadership Challenge series, which serve to understand the complex realities of refugee integration in Canada as well as public leadership for culturally diverse societies.

The Sauvé Fellows’ Team Project manifests the idea of global citizenship: 12 fellows from 10 countries mobilizing their diverse skills and expertise to understand and address a complex social issue. Their chosen theme – refugee integration in Montreal – is every bit as timely as it is important.

In tackling the issue of refugee integration, the Sauvé Fellows have decided to leverage their greatest strength: their own diversity. In doing so, they have develop a prismatic approach to explore issues of complexity across contexts and fields. Their approach focuses on five key areas: community involvement, public policy, mental health and wellness, youth and education, and changing narratives. These key areas represent ways the Fellows believe integration of culturally diverse communities can be strengthened and improved in Montreal, as well as across different countries. Therefore, each area will be represented in its own special event, organized by the Fellows themselves.

Please join the Sauvé Fellows for Building Inclusive Communities for Refugees: A Public Leadership Challenge to know more about their team project and related public leadership efforts.

Click on the following events to register today:

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