On February 17th, 2016, members of the Sauvé community gathered at Sauvé House for Fellow Leila Farah’s presentation “On Urban Metabolism”.

Leila was an in-residence Fellow for the 2004-05 academic year and while at Sauvé House, she focused her research on ecology and design, and more specifically on the nexus between urban agriculture and architecture. She is now Assistant Professor at Ryerson University’s Department of Architectural Science and is a registered architect in Paris, France.

As a Fellow, Leila was mentored by Professor Vikram Bhatt, Professor of Architecture at McGill University. Dr. Bhatt was present at the event, alongside in-residence and local Fellows, staff, Board members, colleagues and representatives from McGill University and Concordia University. DSC_0059

Following introductory remarks by the Foundation President, Leila presented the history of urban metabolism: the input and output of water, energy, food and other material flows in cities. She also spoke about sustainable thinking and ecological design as well as the processes of recycling, recovery and remanufacturing. She mapped out the City of Toronto and its organic waste treatment facilities as an example of visualizing the flow of urban metabolisms.

The topic of futuristic projects, such as tiny farming, was also discussed, as Leila presented design alternatives that rethink modern architecture and sustainable design. Finally, she answered questions from the audience, which touched on topics such as urban agriculture, spatial transformation and resilient cities. Leila concluded with hopeful words:

Sauvé Fellows have the knowledge and the innovation to play a part in building a more resilient world. – Sauvé Fellow Leila Farah

Leila’s talk also featured an exhibition opening on the flows of organic wastes and their reintroduction into urban landscapes. The exhibition pieces, co-developed with Michel Good, will remain on display and are open to the public at Sauvé House for the next few weeks.

This event brought together two of our Foundation’s three interconnected pillars: the Network and the Forum. As the Foundation continues to collaborate with its inspiring community of Fellows, showcasing their work in person and via Sauvé Spotlights, it looks forward to welcoming many more back to Sauvé House.

We would like to thank Leila again for sharing her innovative research with the Sauvé community and for her ongoing contributions to the Fellows Network.

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