Félicitations  Jeeshan Chowdhury  qui maintient sa réputation de maître polyvalent selon ce poste sur Tech Crunch.à propos  de la nouvelle app conçu par Jeeshan et ses collègues, l’ingénieur Dominic Savoie et le Dr Trevor Chan.

Y Combinator-Backed ListRunner Eliminates Hospital Paperwork

A majority of a doctor’s time is spent jotting down notes about a patient for the next doctor on duty over and over again with a pen and paper, according to Dr. Jeeshan Chowdury. His new Y Combinator-backed startup, ListRunner, promises to eliminate this paperwork with a mobile app. …. …
ListRunner …  creates a digital record within the app that can be taken on-the-go and shared on a private network with other doctors….
A Rhodes Scholar with a an MD and a Ph.D. in medical information systems, Chowdury was finishing med school when he first noticed this flaw in the hospital system. It wasn’t until he got involved in health hackathons that he figured out how to solve the problem doctors had with paper. He and his co-founders, engineer Dominic Savoie and Dr. Trevor Chan, were participating in these health hackathons together when the three started discussing joining forces.
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