Fellow de la Fondation Jeanne Sauvé Siddharth Bannerjee  (Boursier Sauvé 2007-08) est sollicité pour ses commentaires à propos des élections générales en Inde.
Ce post sur le blog de la London School of Economics (LSE) résume ses pensées.
The professionalisation of Indian elections: Reflections on BJP’s 2014 campaign By Siddharth Bannerjee*
« … the consequence of the BJP’s game-changing push towards excessive personalisation, a political star system, mass media impression management and an increasing negativity of campaigns and campaign coverage, is that this combination of factors has evidently led to a highly centralised, tightly controlled framework for the conduct of communication and governing functions. How this concentration of power and consolidation of functions plays out among the hope-filled Indian public will become quickly apparent once the BJP assumes control and has to tackle the mounting socio-economic challenges facing the country today.v»
*Siddharth Bannerjee is a graduate of LSE’s MSc in Social Policy and Development and works on governance reform initiatives, especially ones involving the use of innovative technology and open source data.
16 May 2014
Siddharth Bannerjee Interview with Sky News Live on the election results from India