In 2015, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation launched the Alumni Collaboration Fund (ACF) as part of its Alumni Network programming. Believing that Sauvé Alumni can achieve great things by applying their diversity of interests, skills and experiences to common projects, the Fund encourages cross-collaboration among Fellows of different cohorts, disciplines and/or nationalities. To learn more about the Alumni Collaboration Fund, click here.

Here is a ACF project update by Sauvé Fellows Jon McIntosh (2007-08) and Ed Vainker (2008-09)

In May 2015, we were delighted to receive one of the inaugural Alumni Collaboration Fund awards from the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation, which kick-started our work on a documentary film on educational disadvantage.

Our collaboration first started many years ago, when we worked together on education programmes in Cambridge. We met at university and both wanted to do something new in the education world. Our time at Sauvé House was spent, in consecutive years, thinking about how we could maximise our impact. Following two years of preparation, in 2012, we co-founded a new school: the Reach Academy Feltham in London. We are proud to be part of a growing education community of Fellows working on innovative teaching programs aimed at eradicating educational disadvantage, which includes James Townsend (2009-10), Kyle Hill (2010-11) and Edison Huynh (2015-17).

Our new collaboration – a documentary film on a global issue: educational disadvantage titled “Greater Expectations” – was an opportunity for us to work with independent filmmakers, who would follow a class of children at our school over the course of a year and tell their stories. We find that the issue of educational disadvantage is often described in terms of statistics and reports, but we believe that storytelling in the form of documentary film is an equally important part of the picture.

Our project has progressed considerably since last spring. Key milestones include completing a first ‘teaser’ film, which has been shown to broadcasters, funders and supporters. Moving forward, we plan to fundraise for post-production of the film, continue filming, and finally, edit and finalize our documentary. We feel positive about where we are: we know that we have a story to tell and we have footage to make a great film.

We want to thank the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation and its Board of Directors for having faith in our project. We look forward to sharing our progress in 2016.


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