The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation has been investing in the potential of outstanding young leaders from Canada and around the world through its distinct intensive, in-house, intercultural leadership programming since 2003. Meet some of our Fellows here. For more videos, click here.


Featured Fellows

Jeeshan Chowdhury (Canada, 2011-12)

It is amazing to see something that we started on a very small scale grow so rapidly and to now see things happening beyond my personal reach.

Sadia Rafiquddinn (Pakistan/Canada, 2011-12)

21st century leadership skills also need to include compassion and empathy.

Gioel Gioacchino (Italy, 2012-13)

Take the time to pause your mission.

Eloge Butera (Rwanda, 2009-10)

It was basically nine full months of intellectual boot-camp… You bring people here who have potential, who are on fire, and you put them in environments where they can safely explore the limits of their assumptions.

Mohammed Shaban (Palestine, 2011-12)

I lived thirty years in a small, embattled, sieged strip of land… I came as a citizen of Gaza; not even a citizen of Palestine. But now, I feel like I am a citizen of the world. My mind became global, became universal, become more open.

Saman Ahsan (Pakistan, 2003-04)

I am really passionate about making the world a better place for children, especially girls.

Paul Shore (USA/Canada, 2003-04)

We have a lot of challenges because we’re basically fighting with pop culture and all the noise… And so, we have to try even harder, whether it’s through the work that I’m doing, or the work that other Scholars are doing… to create a safe space to foster the next generation of leaders… This program is critical.