What do Sauvé Fellows say about their experience?


The Sauvé fellowship was a hugely defining experience—second to none—and one that has shaped my progress both personally and professionally. Shivangini Arora, India (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2004-05)


Montreal, the city of opportunities, diversity and inspiration! … I was impressed by the scholarly environment from which I gained a great deal of knowledge regarding world affairs. The rich collection of literature in McGill’s library greatly assisted me in my research. Not only did [the Program] allow me to have a unique Canadian experience, but it also helped me to explore the cultural experiences of my fellow Scholars who joined me from ten different countries. David Bagiaev, South Ossetia 
(Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2006-07)


The Sauvé Fellowship was a life-changing experience for me. The beauty of the program is that it gives room for the scholars to imagine where they would like to see themselves at the end of the year and realize the same through the range of opportunities and boundless resources of the Sauvé Foundation. Anu George Canjanathoppil, India (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2010-11)


Living in Sauvé House changed my views on certain issues and made me think about others in ways I had not considered before.”  Adam Daifallah, Canada (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2004-05)


My initial attraction to the Program was due to the inspiring personality of Madame Sauvé- her life, professional achievements, deep commitment to the improvement of society, as well as her personal radiance.  

The diversity of our group – high caliber leaders from all over the globe with fascinatingly different academic and personal backgrounds – provided extensive interaction and constantly exposed us to interesting perspectives, ideas, as well as angles from which to approach, understand and absorb the Program’s experiences. These associations persist and have matured into a worldwide network encompassing the community of Sauvé alumni that keeps enriching and informing our experiences. Moreover, having access to every course from McGill University, one of the world’s eminent academic institutions, meant one had a vast selection of rigorous and rewarding courses to choose, experience and ultimately benefit from the community. Together, the freedom to choose among the abundant selection of courses, [our] weekly seminars by distinguished scientists, artists and captains of industry, plus frequent trips to North American cultural and academic destinations served to inspire, challenge and push us to responsibly pursue our individual projects and realize our own potential to the fullest. On a personal level, as a Sauvé Fellow, I explored, developed and expanded ideas on the juncture between peace, sustainability and architecture, produced and published a related paper, and thoroughly engaged with the McGill School of Architecture [t]he program enabled me to learn more not only about my discipline, my colleagues, mentors and administrators – the whole Sauvé family, as well as the cosmopolitan city of Montreal and the vibrant North American way of life, but also, about myself, my academic purpose and my professional sense of direction. Leila Marie Farah, France 
(Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2004-05)


 I spent nine months in a house with 12 people from 11 countries… I have been touched, moved and amazed seeing my roommates battle with their big questions. Living with the other Sauvé Fellows taught me that leadership is vulnerable. In our chats what emerged was the pain, dedication, passion, struggle, questioning, compromising, and persevering that comes with the willingness to feel uncomfortable. I learned to accept more easily that there is not a straight line to achieving results. Gioel Gioacchino, Italy (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2012-13)


The gift of the Program has been the time to reflect on my personal and professional goals, and the space to explore how I can use my work to be of greater service to communities at home and abroad. Shauntay Grant, Canada (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2009-10)


We had a variety of speakers and lively discussions. The Fellows brought a wealth of experience. The Program was a wonderful opportunity to learn about different cultures and forge friendships beyond the seas. It was a truly serendipitous experience. Naomi Gunasekara, Sri Lanka 
(Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2005-06)


The Program allows emerging international leaders to pursue a socially-impacting project, with guidance and support from the greatest minds in the Montreal community. It is a risk-free year to do something big! Kyle Hill, Canada (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2010-11)


Living with and getting to know people from diverse parts of our earth, committed to creating a better world, makes me a more compassionate and engaged global citizen. It is by learning about the politics and issues which make up their realities, that I become more sensitive and caring to their geographic regions. Stephanie Jensen-Cormier, Canada/France (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2011-12)


The opportunity to build a community with a group of exceptional young leaders from around the world was an unparalleled gift that I will always be grateful for! Janet Jobson, South Africa (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2009-10)


Deciding to become a Sauvé Fellow was a right decision for me. I am happy to have spent a year … living with 11 other young and motivated leaders from all around the world. I was connected, engaged, and empowered during the year of the Sauvé Program. I grew my roots here, and now my roots are expanding to different parts of the world as my fellow scholars [return] to their countries. These roots [will] become stronger as time passes, connecting me to the world, and making me an international leader. My Sauvé year helped me to think globally and act locally. It helped me to open my eyes and heart to diversity and know myself better. Najme Kishani, Iran (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2012-13)


Having diverse occasions to meet and discuss with major business, political, cultural, academic and media figures is one of the major advantages of the Sauvé Program. In addition to that, living with 12 roommates in such a gorgeous house, as well as having opportunities to explore a charming city like Montreal, … these are some of the privileges that you have as a Sauvé Scholar [that differentiate it] from other scholarship programs. Montreal is a beautiful city. … indeed one of the most exciting, cultural and lively cities…  in North America. Ji-won Lee, Korea 
(Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2004-05)


The experience not only gave the Scholars the opportunity to share a piece of their lives, but also an opportunity to learn about indigenous culture, history, and resilience in Canada by engaging with the Kahnawake Survival School and the wider Kahnawake community. Arcie Mallari, The Philippines (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2010-11)


This Program was a gift from God. … the unique chance to live with thirteen other people from all over the world. That provided me a unique learning experience.  …   Furthermore, I grew professionally, made a pause in my daily life to see where I was going. I learned a lot academically and from contacts. I learned about a totally different culture and an amazing country: Canada. I lived in a fascinating city. I lived a dream … that shall change my life forever. I was so blessed to have been invited to join this ride! Maria Moreno, Paraguay (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2011-12)


I enjoyed the company, friendship and collegiality of my fellow Fellows. The debates we had, the history we shared, the knowledge we exchanged, and the group activities we participated in, all enriched my personal and professional life in very profound ways. During my stay in Montreal, I had the chance to reflect, learn, and share knowledge and skills that will stay with me for a very long time. Philip Osano, Kenya (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2006-07)


I have never used the word magical to describe a particular time in my life until I lived in Sauvé House. … those months will always live in my memory as some of the most incredible moments I have ever experienced. Living with [and] forming bonds with strangers from around the world who became a family in a house that quickly became a home was an exceptional experience. I will always remember the support we gave each other through difficult moments, the smiles, the smell of spices in the kitchen and so much more. …  Not only did I learn so much from the remarkable people I met in Montreal and Quebec, the courses, community hosts and academic mentors, but I took risks I may not have otherwise taken. I know, without a doubt, that I am a better person because of the people I met and the moments that I experienced at Sauvé House. Sadia Rafiquddin, Pakistan (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2011-12, Sauvé Scholars Program)


I’m amazed by how deep and diverse the impact of the program has been on my personal and professional life. The quality of opportunities and the brilliance and warmth of people I got to spend time with have certainly created a huge positive dent in my world. … Hats off to everyone at the Foundation for making this happen and my best wishes for growing it stronger in the years to come. Amruth Ravindranath, India (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2010-11)


It is difficult to capture how wonderful and unique this program is. Being given the time, space, and resources to work on yourself to become a better leader, but also to focus your energies so intently on a project that matters to you — it is a true gift and a privilege.  The magnitude of the impact that living in a house with 12 others from around the world [is] ineffable. The rich friendships; the penetrating intellectual engagement; the laughter; the kitchen. Maison Sauvé becomes a great big family, filled with other highly motivated, curious and passionate individuals. With the support of a selfless and capable staff, the living experience is truly transformative. Challenging, interesting, hilarious… I cannot say enough about how meaningful the relationships I have formed are. Jonathan Sas, Canada (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2012-13)


The program was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was a golden opportunity I will never forget. It was nine months better than 30 years I lived. Mohammed Shaban, the Palestinian Territories (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2011-12)


The Sauvé experience provided me with a whole new range of issues I wanted to explore through my work. Meeting and developing relations with the diverse group of Scholars spanning the world was the highlight for me. I was not only reflecting about my place in the world, but also was privy to the experiences, sometimes tragic, of some other unique and passionate individuals. Paul Shore, Canada
 (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2003-04)


The Program gave me the rare opportunity to have complete control over my time, to allow me the room and opportunity to test drive my ideas, and have the flexibility to turn my dreams into reality in an open, inclusive, supportive space. Charlotte Sobolewski, Canada (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2011-12)


Is the Sauvé Program what I expected? It ended up being much more. The freedom and support to dedicate myself to causes that really interest me and to explore personal and global challenges was precious. Thus, my social consciousness broadened globally and I realized that the Sauvé Program’s scope was broader than Montreal and Canada. Nathan Souza, Brazil 
(Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2006-07)


This year has helped boost my self-confidence immensely. The Program taught me to believe in myself, to dream big, to be ambitious and driven. Dechen Wangmo, Bhutan (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2011-12)


The Sauvé Scholars program gave me the time and support to pursue my passions – an opportunity that is both rare and priceless. It was also an amazing opportunity to experience the authentic diversity of living with people all with different backgrounds from around the world. How often are we able to jump into our dreams with such little risk, surrounded by such tremendous inspiration? Alia Whitney-Johnson, United States of America (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2011-2012)

A big part of my year was working through the intellectual challenge of how to continue to think of myself as a political person while pursuing a career much more associated with the University than I had originally planned. The year gave me the time and space to explore that question and become comfortable with the answers that I found. Liam McHugh-Russell, Canada (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2009-10)


The Sauvé Program lived up to its reputation for generating one of the most transformative experiences for emerging young leaders. It is an extraordinarily enriching period of personal and professional reflection and long-lasting friendships. Two thumbs up for the program’s extensive networks, access to McGill and Concordia universities and its residential program. So there. Mirwais Nahzat, Afghanistan (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2009-10)


The Sauvé Program produces future movers and shakers of the world. If you can live with and develop strong bonds with individuals from diverse backgrounds [from] all over the world, then it is possible to work anywhere in the world. The Program offers an exceptional opportunity to learn new ideas, to un-learn prejudices and wrong stereotypes and to build the strong character needed to survive in a globalized world. The Sauvé Program is a flagship program for proactive and aspiring leaders. Damilola S. Olawuyi, Nigeria (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2010-11)


For a year, I followed my dreams and found a new family along the way. Andrew Sniderman, Canada (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2010-11)


Being a part of the Program means being a part of a greater international community of thought-provoking, resourceful, action-driven changemakers.  A once-in-a-lifetime experience that lasts forever.  Too good to be true… but it is! Michelle Berkowitz Sultan, Guatemala (Jeanne Sauvé Fellow 2010-11)