The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation (JSF) has launched the Alumni Collaboration Fund to support collaborative Alumni projects that promote novel, multifaceted, ways of addressing key global challenges through public leadership.

In a message to all Sauvé Alumni, JSF President and Executive Director Désirée McGraw and Jonathan Sas, who represents the Alumni on the Board of the Sauvé Scholars Foundation, have announced the launch of  the 2015 Sauvé Alumni Collaboration Fund.

The Fund is one of  two new programs that represent the Foundation’s long-term investment in our Alumni by supporting their collaboration and exchange with each other and with the Foundation’s strategic partners. Both (the other is, of course, Sauvé Encore!) programs are designed to  enable them to further develop the skills, knowledge, values and tools needed for globally minded leadership.

Each year, we will support initiatives of merit that are aligned with the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation vision and mission, and on which at least two Sauvé Fellows propose to collaborate. The Fund is designed to encourage collaboration among Fellows of different cohorts, disciplines and/or nationalities, and thus strengthen the world-wide network of Sauvé public leaders.

Groups of Alumni (at least two per group) can apply for a maximum of $5000 dollars per initiative. Up to three projects will be supported every year.

Read more about the Alumni Collaboration Fund and selection criteria, check out the FAQs,  and fill in the Application Form.

The deadline for applications is 13 March 2015.

Alumna Gioel Gioacchino (Sauvé Scholar 2012-13) is coordinating outreach and applications to the Fund. You may contact Gioel for more information.

The Foundation looks forward to  receiving applications and to continuing to support the  important work of all our Alumni.


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