Liane Benoit

Senior Advisor
Jeanne Sauvé Foundation

LianeBenoit (4)As Attaché to Governor General Jeanne Sauvé in the 1980’s, as well as the daughter of her youngest brother, Liane Benoit was honoured to work closely with her aunt in the creation of the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation and continues to take an active interest its programs and activities to this day. She has been gratified to witness the achievement of the Sauvé legacy through the efforts of so many dedicated people who have shared Mme Sauvé’s vision of providing successive generations of emerging leaders with an opportunity to hone and enhance their political skills through shared experience, lively discourse and meaningful engagement. Since its inception, Liane has acted both formally and informally as an advisor to the Foundation, supported the creation of its various programs and served on the Selection Committee under the capable chairmanship of Nancy Wright.

In her early career, Liane had the privilege of representing Canada as a delegate to the 1986 Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conference in Australia, a three-week international study tour for young leaders. With that experience and her work on Parliament Hill and Government House as inspiration, Liane went on to found Benoit & Associates, an Outaouais-based applied research company in which she remains active to this day. Her professional activities there span a wide range of interests and assignments related to matters of governance, social justice, and public policy and has involved work with all sectors of society, including First Nations and Inuit. As a graduate of political studies and public administration (Queen’s University), Liane has written on many issues related to Parliament and machinery of government, including two studies published in the Final Report of “The Gomery Commission” that lead to significant changes to the legislation and rules governing parliamentary accountability, political staff and the federal government’s internal audit process.

An ongoing interest in the far North has likewise been the source of many rewarding personal and professional experiences, among them the chairmanship of an Arctic Council Working Group, Co-chairmanship of a task force of the Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program and an active role in the founding of both the Arctic Children and Youth Foundation and the Arctic Risk Management Network (ARMNET). In the mid-1990s she was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in recognition of her extensive expeditionary work in the Canadian Arctic as well as her role in the re-establishment of the Inuit sled dog in Northern Quebec.

A member or chair of numerous national Boards and committees past and present, Liane’s most recent appointment in June of 2015 was by the Minister of National Defence and Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) to the Defence Advisory Board (DAB).

Proud mother of Sebastien, Liane resides with her husband, Louis Molgat, on a hobby farm in Wakefield, Quebec.

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