We are delighted to confirm that Manish will be joining Sauvé Encore! 2015, bringing his passion for peace building, social and development issues in Nepal.

Manish Thapa
2006-07 Sauvé Fellow

manish-thapaBefore the tragic events in Nepal, Manish wrote presciently:
“One person’s experiences of overcoming problems or achieving their goals can serve as inspiration for another to positively challenge his or her own circumstances. I have been working in the field of academia since I left Sauvé House. These 8 years of my experience have certainly made me wiser and my perspective has definitely changed. Wisdom is seeing and understanding life as a whole. The lessons we encounter as we travel our life paths invite us to grow wiser as we mature. Ultimately, our wisdom becomes our most trusted source of guidance in living. And when we share our wisdom, it becomes a touchstone providing inspiration, guidance and teachable moments for our friends and colleagues as they may encounter similar experiences along their life journeys.”

Manish is passionate about peace building, and social and development issues in Nepal; he has written extensively on these subjects. He was a founding Executive Director of the Asian Study Centre for Peace & Conflict Transformation (ASPECT). He is co-chair of the Internal Conflicts Commission at the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) and Council Member of the Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association (APPRA). In 2005, Manish founded the Nepal Peace Initiative Alliance, which was instrumental in the establishment of the Ministry of Peace & Reconstruction in Nepal.

In April 2015, Manish assumed a new post as professor at the Institute of Public Administration and Governance of Shinawatra University, in Bangkok,Thailand.  He was previously an Associate Professor of Peace Studies & International Relations in the Department of Conflict, Peace & Development Studies, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and Visiting Professor at the University of Warsaw in Poland, Shinawatra University, Uppsala University in Sweden and University of Notre Dame in the United States.

Manish received his Post Doctorate in International Relations from the University of Warsaw, Poland, his Doctoral Degree in International Relations from University of Tokyo, Japan and Master’s Degree in Peace & Conflict Studies from the European Peace University, Austria. He was a recipient of the prestigious Robert McNamara Fellowship (2009-2010) from the World Bank and the RONPAKU Fellowship (2008-2011) from the Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences (JSPS). He was Robert McNamara Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Peace & Conflict Research at Uppsala University (2009-2010), Brown International Advanced Research Institute Fellow at Brown University (2011), McGill – Echenberg Human Rights Fellow at McGill (2010), and Kroc Visiting Research Fellow at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame, USA (2008-2009).

He has published numerous books, journal articles and book chapters with leading publishers and journals. Most recently, in June of 2014, Routledge published India in the Contemporary World: Polity, Economy and International Relations  which Manish co-edited. And in August 2014, Routledge included his chapter on “Nepal’s Maoists: Violent Revolution and Non-Violent Political Activism” in Civil Resistance and Conflict Transformation Transitions from armed to nonviolent struggle

Despite all his impressive academic achievements, Manish is perhaps best remembered by fellow Alumni as the publisher – and with Gilli Stern, responsible for the design and layout – of “Reflections, Sauvé Scholars 2006-2007″, the collection of the cohort’s scholarly works and personal accounts of their experiences as Sauvé Scholars.

Manish Thapa writing on Nepal published in new book
Manish Thapa’s book on India published

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