You have a question about the Alumni Collaboration Fund? Or the Spring 2015 Sauvé Encore!? Go to Gioel

Alumni will have noticed that the recent announcements of the Sauvé Alumni Collaboration Fund and Spring 2015 Sauvé Encore! encourage them to call on Sauvé Fellow Gioel Gioacchino for any information about either of the two Programs.

WHO is Gioel and WHY is she the go-to person ?

Gioel (Sauvé Scholar 2012-13) was an indispensable cog in the machine that produced the very successful 2014 Sauve Encore! in November, and was also an active participant. She then turned her organizational skills to the coordination of the launch of the Sauvé Alumni Collaboration Fund and will be carrying out the same function for the Sauvé Encore! Program in the Spring of 2015.

For those of you who have not yet met this incredible bundle of energy, who seemingly can turn her hand to anything, we thought we should introduce her.

Following her Sauvé year, Gioel designed a course on ‘Youth Engagement in Community Development’ which she taught at Carleton University. In June 2014, she took part in expert meetings on Youth Engagement at UNESCO in Paris and on Youth Indicators in the post-2015 agenda at the Commonwealth Foundation in London.

But her passion is Recrear. She is a co-founder and executive director of this Canadian charity that works with a youth-to-youth approach to collect information on young people’s perspectives utilizing participatory research projects. Since January 2014, she has been managing a Recrear research project in Cuba through a Youth Fund from the UN-Habitat. See `Changing the Climate in Cuba`, a short film on transforming youth perspective on climate change.

Recrear is a model of Sauvé Fellows collaboration. Gioel has recruited Sauvé Scholar Alumni Jonathan Sas (2012-13) and Lilit Simonyan (2010-11) as members of Recrear’s Board of Directors, and Naomi Kincler (2012-13) to serve on the Board of Advisors. Furthermore, when Recrear undertook ‘Youth Consulting for Climate Change’ in Cuba, her friend and fellow Sauvé Alum Handy Acosta Cuellar (2012-13) had laid much of the groundwork for the project.

So who better to coordinate these two great Alumni programs for the Foundation?

 Photo credit: Tristan Brand

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