Public leaders of the future will be called upon to respond to ever-more complex and systemic global challenges in ways that are creative, courageous and connected.

The Foundation’s goal is to develop young leaders capable of rising to meet those challenges by communicating and collaborating across cultures as well as thinking across traditional disciplines. Our mission is to equip the next generation with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to take the lead in solving global challenges.

The Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program is an in-house, intercultural and international program based at Sauvé House in Montreal. Every program cohort brings together a group of young leaders from Canada and around the world to live and work together and to share their passion for addressing globally significant challenges. Participants bring to the program their own expertise and perspectives, shaped by their experiences working in their respective contexts, communities and countries.

The program invests in the capacity of these young leaders to effect positive change by cultivating in them the skills required to work across cultures, countries, disciplines and sectors in the public sphere. It does this by:

  • Inviting young leaders – between 25 and 30 years of age – to rethink global issues from diverse cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Inciting them to collaborate on addressing issues through the development of positive impact projects
  • Investing in their public leadership skills with professional and personal development programming
  • Incubating their ideas by providing time and space for compelling individual initiatives to take root

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The program aims to stimulate participants to deepen their understanding of global issues and cultivate their leadership skills in ways that they can later apply to effectively lead change on a wide range of issues within the public sphere.


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