In the summer of 2015, Rhian Foley – a McGill University student majoring in Economics and International Development – became an invaluable team member, energetic new friend and dedicated contributor to the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation via the Social Economy Initiative (SEI) Impact Internship Program. We thank her for her incredibly valuable work and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Here is her experience, her impact, in her own words:

My summer internship at the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation has been a unique experience. I witnessed many significant changes, from staff transitions to the launch of a new program to the arrival of twelve new members of the Sauvé Fellows community. As a result, I was able to engage in a variety of projects; meet and work with a group of talented and interesting individuals; and witness the dedication and skills it takes to organize impactful initiatives.

During my internship, the Foundation began the first phase of its inaugural Public Leadership Program. I therefore had a special opportunity to learn about and gain hands-on experience in program induction from an insider’s perspective, observing and participating in the steps necessary to run a successful and sustainable program.

Through my internship, I learned about the multidisciplinary approach that is necessary for operations management in a non-profit organization. Each of my colleagues at the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation brought a different perspective and skillset to the Foundation, proving how important it is to collaborate across sectors and interests to achieve creative and successful results in your work. With the arrival of the Fellows – who hail from across the globe and from various disciplines – I witnessed the importance of collaborating across sectors to find innovative ways to tackle complex issues. These experiences allowed to me understand how intricate the non-profit sector is and to reflect on the avenues that are present for growth in this sector.

Working at the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation was a wonderful opportunity to explore the role of organizations in strengthening and improving the social economy. By offering individuals from different sectors a chance to connect with, learn from, and grow with one another, I truly believe the Foundation creates a platform for positive change. Being a part of this program allowed me to fully appreciate the importance of the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation in empowering youth in order to create more connected and powerful agents of change.

I am very grateful to all those whom I had the pleasure to meet and work with, notably my colleagues at the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation – Valérie, Ion, Simone, Ariane, and Mira – the 2015-17 Sauvé Fellows, McGill University’s Social Economy Initiative, and everyone else who contributed to this positive experience. I’m sure that our paths will cross again in the future and I look forward to following the success of the new program and the Foundation.

Viva Sauvé!

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