“Sauvé Encore! is an exceptional opportunity to reconnect and engage with the broader Sauvé community. I highly recommend this program to any Sauvé Fellow who is looking to redefine and enhance their impact on critical national and international issues. I cannot think of a better opportunity for introspection, collaboration and long-lasting friendships.” – Mirwais Nahzat (2009-10)


Sauvé Encore! 2014 brought together ten Jeanne Sauvé Fellows from seven cohorts, and representing ten different nationalities: Dawa from Bhutan (2005-06); Gioel Gioacchino from Italy (2012-13) Idowu Ajibade (Jola) from Nigeria (2008-9); Lilit Simonyan Ghougassian from Armenia (2010-11); Maria Moreno from Paraguay (2011-12); Mirwais Nahzat from Afghanistan (2009-10); Najme Kishani Farahani from Iran (2012-13); Özlem Elgün Tillman from Turkey, (2006-07); Sadia Rafiquddin from Canada/Pakistan (2011-12) and Sokhna Mame Bousso Ndiaye from Sénégal (2012-13).

Guillaume Lavoie (2007-08), Marie-Marguerite Sabongui (2008-09) and Jonathan Sas (2012-13) participated as presenters during the intensive formal program, while Gerald Bareebe (2012-13) and Montreal-based Fellows Saman Ahsan (2003-04), Éloge Butera (2009-10), Adam Daifallah (2004-05), Carlos Rueda (2010-11), Mohammed Shaban (2011-12) and Paul Shore (2003-04) joined in various events.

Photos of 2014 Sauvé Encore!

Key Successes

  • All participants were asked to complete an evaluation of the Program.
  • Connections between alumni was a highlight as was being back in Sauvé House.
  • The program promoted new friendships and sparks potential collaborations.
  • Participants felt reconnected with the Foundation’s work.
  • Very constructive feedback from both participants and staff reflected both successes and challenges of the first iteration of SE! These were compiled into recommendations to be integrated into the design of future Sauvé Encore! programs.


Sauvé Encore gives you the opportunity to “relive” the Sauvé experience in a magical way. Four days to come back to Sauvé House, meet amazing Fellows from across cohorts with whom we share the experience of being a Sauvé Fellow, and to continue personal and professional growth. Highly revitalizing and highly recommended, [I] can only be grateful to it.

Day 1 – Thursday, November 6th
The formal program got underway with two sessions led by Senior Advisor Ilona Dougherty: Working Principles & How We Got Here, and Inscaping & mindfulness plus the Introduction to the Leadership Development Groups.
Being surrounded only by the Fellows allowed for a safe space to develop among all of us who had shared a similar experience in the house but were essentially strangers at this stage of the week.

These were followed by one with Senior Fellow Brett House: Sharing gifts, talents, and needs. “This was awesome. It really built on the first session on ‘Sharing Our Journeys’. I really enjoyed that this was an intentional space to create connections and opportunities for collaboration. It gave me a window into how my work overlaps with others and how I can assist.”

The afternoon was devoted to the Presentation Skills workshop given by Vox Method partner and trainer Elissa Bernstein, with an active break led by movement and dance artist, dance instructor, choreographer and yoga instructor, Daina Ashbee.

The first day concluded with a welcome dinner and briefing on the Sauvé Foundation’s new direction & opportunities for engagement presented by Foundation President and Executive Director Désirée McGraw with Program and Communications Director, Simone Hanchet.

Day 2 – Friday, November 7th
Désirée McGraw hosted the Conversation with former Prime Minister The Right Honourable Paul Martin, a devoted friend of the Scholars’ Program and a perennial favorite speaker. After an active break with Daina Ashbee, the Leadership Development Groups met until it was time to attend the private luncheon and conversation with Radio Canada anchor and foreign correspondent Céline Galipeau.

Later that afternoon, Mme Galipeau delivered the 2014 Annual Jeanne Sauvé Address which all attended. The address was followed by a panel discussion with Mme Galipeau and five Sauvé Fellows: Gerald Bareebe, Adam Daifallah, Dawa, Mirwais Nahzat and Jonathan Sas. The event concluded with an early evening reception in honor of Mme Galipeau at Sauvé House.

Day 3 – Saturday November 8th
Leadership Development Groups met early before the first workshop, Innovative collaborations between organizations/movement building, hosted by Senior Fellow, Anita Novak, with the participation of President of Giv3 Lys Hugessen and Founder & Interim Director of PoweredbyData Michael Lenczner. An active break was followed by Public campaigns & advocacy, hosted by Désirée McGraw, who was joined by two Sauvé Fellows: Senior Strategist at Purpose, Marie-Marguerite Sabongui, and Director of Policy and Research at the Broadbent Institute, Jonathan Sas, and Acting Director of Change.org Canada, Pascal Zamprelli.

The afternoon session Thought Leadership – Cross-cultural communication was led by two Sauvé Fellows and participants in Sauvé Encore! Recrear Co-Founder Gioel Gioacchino and Policy and Program Advisor at Ontario Public Service Lilit Simonyan Ghougassian.

After the Leadership Development Groups met, there was an active break, followed by an early Dinner & conversation with Leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May, hosted by Senior Advisor, Ilona Dougherty. Later, all joined with Sauvé Alumni hosts, Paul Shore, Gioel Gioacchino and Carlos Rueda Heredia for Fun on the town! Informal Night Out.

Day 4 – Sunday November 9th
Antonia Maioni Foundation Board Member McGill Professor, hosted Being a Thought Leader with Sauvé Fellows Idowu (Jola) Ajibade, Balsillie School of International Affairs Postdoctoral fellow, and Montreal City Councillor and the Official Opposition’s spokesperson for finance, government relations and international relations Guillaume Lavoie. They were joined by political cartoonist, writer, and commentator, J.J. McCullough. “Excellent session: it dug deep into the essence of leadership. I learnt a great deal from the session and the facilitator was excellent.”

The afternoon session Opportunities for Alumni Engagement with Désirée McGraw and Program Communications Director, Simone Hanchet, was facilitated by Ilona Dougherty and went over very well. Everyone was excited about the new direction especially with respect to the Foundation’s commitment to more proactively engage Alumni.

The closing workshop Inscaping & Mindfulness was facilitated by Ilona Dougherty and included the Leadership Development Group Presentations, and evaluations of the week.

The final event for the participants in Sauvé Encore! 2014 was the festive and elegant closing dinner with Foundation staff and Board members.

Sauvé Encore Spring 2015“Sauvé Encore has been a truly transformative experience. I now feel motivated to tackle bigger challenges; I feel informed about the connections and tools that I have at my disposal to tackle those challenges; I feel inspired by the new connections and the possibilities of collaboration with other Fellows on various projects; and I feel supported and confident about my future. I think I will look back and recall Sauvé Encore as a major turning point in my career. I am deeply grateful for this experience, and I feel that Sauvé Foundation is fully invested in my future.” – Özlem ElgÜn Tillman (2006-07)

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