Sauvé Encore! Program
Fall 2014

Tools for Amplifying Impact

The Sauvé Encore! Program

The Sauvé Encore! Program

In the first days of November, the Jeanne Sauvé Foundation  launched the Sauvé Encore! Program a key component of our new alumni-focused engagement that is essential to realizing Jeanne Sauvé’s original vision of “creating a network of future leaders”, and to fulfilling the Foundation’s mission to “convene, connect, engage and enable a new generation of public leadership to address global challenges.”

Over ten years (2003-2013), the Foundation’s flagship Sauvé Scholars Program hosted 126 emerging leaders from 50 countries for a unique nine-month residential experience at Sauvé House in Montreal. Each cohort included up-to 14 Scholars from all parts of the globe, who lived and learned together, enjoying the privilege of attending courses at McGill University, working on their individual projects, meeting with numerous leaders in different fields, benefiting from professional development programs and learning about and from one another. The bonds formed during the Sauvé Year are an enduring source of pleasure, inspiration, and often the basis for mutual assistance.

Seeking to expand those bonds between members of different cohorts, the Foundation has introduced the Sauvé Encore! Program.

Through this new program, the Foundation is sponsoring the return to Sauvé House of small groups of Scholars Program Alumni (Jeanne Sauvé Fellows) from different cohorts and all regions of the world. During their brief stay at Sauvé House, the Fellows participate in further professional development, leadership discussions, and related programming. And they will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with one another on thematically aligned interests and key global challenges. Each of these short intensive programs will be organized around a particular issue or theme and will coincide with public events in Montreal in which the Fellows can participate. Themes will be selected based on the relevant areas of convergent interest amongst the Fellows.


The goal of the Sauvé Encore! Program is to build on the skills, values and ideas to which the Sauvé Fellows were exposed during their time at Sauvé House. It is designed to continue the evolution of their learning, focusing particularly on how they can amplify their impact on their respective contexts, communities and countries. When they leave the program, Fellows will not only have a renewed connection to the Foundation, but will have created new bonds, as well as the access to the tools, networks and ideas that will allow them to increase the impact of their work on a broader scale.

  • To broaden the impact of the Fellows’ work on key global challenges and increase the scale of their work.
  • To encourage Fellows to collaborate across cohorts, sectors, organizations, and borders.
  • To facilitate the creation of a robust Sauvé Alumni network.
  • To magnify the Foundation’s impact by showcasing and supporting the work of the Fellows.
  • To refine and build other program areas by incorporating feedback and ideas received from all the participants.
The Fall 2014 Sauvé Encore! Program

The first edition of the Sauvé Encore! brought together ten Jeanne Sauvé Fellows from seven cohorts, and representing ten different nationalities. Together they addressed the theme Tools for Amplifying Impact.

In that over-used phrase, the first iteration of Sauvé Encore! proved to be  a win-win situation for the participants, the Foundation, the strengthened Alumni network and the world to which each Fellow returned, energized with expanded knowledge and perspectives.