Clarice Reis


  • Program Year
  • 2008-09
  • Country of Current Residence
  • Brazil
  • City/Town of Current Residence
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Current Position
  • Medical Consultant
  • Profession(s)
  • Dentist

  • Sector(s)
  • Community, Medicine / Healthcare, Oral Health, Public health
  • Language(s)
  • Portuguese, English
  • Mentor
  • Prof. Ann Macaulay, McGill University
  • Interest(s) / Expertise
  • dentistry, health, public healthcare
Scholar email address

Born in the northeast of Brazil, Clarice Reis has pursued her passion for public health through work at both the community and policy levels. Clarice studied dentistry at the Federal University of Ceará in Fortaleza, Brazil, and completed a specialization in oral public health at the State University of Ceará. She also completed a two-year multi-disciplinary residency program in family health at the State University of Vale do Acarau in Sobral, Brazil. As a dentist, Clarice provided care for the residents of disadvantaged communities, as well as leadership for Primary Health Care Teams in the countryside of her home state of Ceará. She has also worked for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), monitoring family health programs in the southern city of Rio Grande do Sul.

In 2006, Clarice was a visiting professor in primary health care at the Federal University of Ceará. Most recently, she served as a technical consultant for the Brazilian Ministry of Health and the Pan-American Health Organization. She has carried out various participatory research projects on public health in Brazil and presented the results at international conferences.

Clarice started her M.Sc. in Family Medicine at McGill – on full scholarship – in the fall of 2009. During the summer of 2009, she was invited by the University of Toronto to collaborate on an important CIDA-funded international project entitled “Strengthening Primary Health Care in Brazil and Canada: a Project of Knowledge Exchange in Equity”. In the spring of 2010, Clarice received an exceptional Merit Award from the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund in “recognition of her ongoing work for the benefit of women and children, and aspirations in this regard”.

In 2010, she joined the CLEAR Collaboration, based at the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University. This initiative sets to empower health workers to improve health and social outcomes for disadvantaged children and families, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.


As a Fellow

During her Sauvé year, Clarice studied Public Health Policy and Primary Health Care, at McGill University.