Building a New Kind of Public Leadership

The Jeanne Sauvé Foundation is bringing together bright young thinkers-dreamers-doers from around the world to take part in a remarkable leadership journey: the inaugural 2015-17 Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program.

With backgrounds in advocacy, communications, education, governance, politics, social innovation and more, our Fellows will refine their leadership skills to take on some of our world’s most intractable challenges. Together, they will ask tough questions and take bold action to re-imagine the role of public leadership in supporting social cohesion within culturally diverse societies.

Among our new Fellows are:

  • A political communication specialist committed to transparency in local and national politics in Central Europe
  • A medical doctor passionate about improving the health of vulnerable and marginalized Canadians
  • A software developer and humanitarian technology researcher committed to sustainability and balanced resource allocation in Nigeria
  • A social worker and advocate for refugee rights in Israel
  • A women’s rights activist focused on participatory media with young Aboriginal women in the Northwest Territories
  • A social innovator advocating for inclusive education and empowerment of persons with disabilities in the Philippines

A warm thank you to the hundreds of qualified individuals who applied for the 2015-2017 Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program.

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