By Liam McHugh-Russell (Sauvé Scholar 2009-10)

On Monday, September 28th 2009, Sauvé House was happy to host two honoured guests, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai and renowned Canadian geneticist and environmental activist David Suzuki. Dr. Maathai, whose career was founded on tree-planting, but who was a voice of courage on women’s equality, deforestation, social justice and human rights in her native Kenya, spoke on the importance of action on climate change. Dr. Suzuki spoke eloquently about the central role that the women in his life and around the world have played in social and environmental justice. The event was organized by The Climate Reality Project Canada, a non-profit organization that serves as the Canadian component of a global movement of more than 3,000 diverse and dedicated volunteers from around the world.