The most amazing sights of the city of Toronto in Canada

Toronto is one of the largest cities in the country and one of the most popular cities among travelers. Every year people from all over the world come to this city to see beautiful places, feel the flavor of the country and walk along the amazing streets of the city.

Top attractions in Toronto

Main Street

Yang Street - the central street of Toronto, reminiscent of the capital of China - Beijing, has long been considered one of the main attractions, according to travelers. This street stretches all the way to the border with the state of Minnesota. A favorite form of recreation for locals is walking along the central street of the city, since about ten years ago, transport on it was prohibited due to the large number of pedestrians. Young Street is a chic place to shop for new things and spend time with your family in local restaurants and cafes, but you will hardly be able to see various cultural monuments here.

Toronto Convention Center

This center is considered one of the largest in the world and is located very close to the central part of Toronto. The center itself includes no less than a thousand different rooms, in eight hundred of which exhibitions are held, moreover, at the same time. And all copies of the exhibition are dedicated to the topic of science. Every day, at the allotted time, you can watch theatrical performances with the participation of visiting guests, who can put on an interesting performance.

Historical Museum

The house of the first mayor of the city at present time rebuilt into a museum of history and architecture. It is in it that you can most clearly demonstrate the history of Toronto and Canada as a whole. Here you can see the classics of exhibition historical specimens. With all this, for those who love gastronomic relaxation, there are halls where you can enjoy local cuisine with classic old recipes.

Underground city

Absolutely recently, local architects have built a whole city underground, several kilometers long. The city of the new generation is located under the central part of Toronto, which is undoubtedly worth seeing while walking in the city square itself. What guided the architects during the construction of such a town is unknown, but walking along the underground streets, foreigners can discover and visit the most famous shops, as well as taste the dishes of local restaurants.

CN Tower

The main architectural pride of the city of Toronto, both before and now, is the CN Tower. There is no higher tower in the world than CN, its height reaches 600 meters. In the tower itself there is a restaurant that revolves, and the upper part of the towering beauty is equipped with an observation deck with a transparent glass floor. The CN Tower invites travelers who can enjoy the beauty of Toronto from a bird's eye view.

City Hall
The City Hall House in Toronto, like in any other country, is considered the most attractive building in any city. But this building cannot be called ordinary in any way. The central part of the City Hall is presented in the form of a large rounded pavilion connecting two tall towers of different lengths. The entire building is equipped with large panoramic windows, and in front of the entrance to the building there is even a place where you can relax and unwind.

According to tourists from different cities, such a large Canadian city as Toronto is undoubtedly considered fascinating. with a large number of various historical and architectural monuments, which with all this is a modern metropolis. Therefore, foreigners want to get to know the life of the city even more and come back here again and again.

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